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Hubei Travel (Enshi) Tea Co., LTD. Recruitment notice
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Tourism (Enshi) Tea Co., LTD. (referred to as Tourism) is a subsidiary of Hubei Tourism Investment Tourism Development Co., LTD. (referred to as Tourism), which is a state-owned enterprise of Hubei Province。Hotel Tea CompanyEstablished in September 2022, its main business is various tea production and sales, food sales and agricultural and sideline product sales, etc., now due to the development needs of the company, it is open to the public to recruit talents in need。

First, basic principles

(1) The Party's principle of managing talents and maintaining both morality and ability;

(2) Principles of recruitment on demand and on the basis of merit;

(3) The principle of optimal allocation and total quantity control;

(4) The principle of organization in accordance with laws and regulations。

2. Recruitment positions

Marketing Specialist (2人)

3. Recruitment requirements

(1) Scope of recruitment

Open recruitment to the public。

(2) Basic conditions

1.High political quality, interested in working in state-owned enterprises, obey the organizational work arrangement;

2.Honest and trustworthy, law-abiding, good conduct, love and dedication, meet the qualifications required for registration;

3.Have good professional ethics, can be competent for their own work of healthy physical and mental quality;

4.Since the date of employment, there is no labor relationship with other units。

(3) Post responsibilities

1.Master the market dynamics and development trends of the jurisdiction, and propose specific regional sales plans, as well as personal sales work plans and detailed rules according to the law of market changes。

2.Expand the sales network in the region, be familiar with the market characteristics and sales characteristics of the region, and establish long-term stable cooperative relations with major customers in the region。Actively complete the information and sales volume targets stipulated or promised by the region。

3.Do a good job in the regional market research and analysis and forecast work, develop new customers, to provide customers with initiative, enthusiasm, satisfaction and thoughtful service。

4.Responsible for signing sales contracts with customers, supervise the normal performance of contracts, and demand the sales payments owed。

5.Help or contact relevant departments to solve problems and procedures arising in the process of sales and use of customers。

6.Collect front-line sales information and user opinions, and put forward reference opinions on the company's sales strategy, after-sales service, new product development, etc。

7.Fill in sales form, submit sales analysis and summary report。Do a good job of sales expenses control。

8.Take the interests of the company as the priority, do not ask for kickbacks, donate money and goods to the company, comply with national laws, and eliminate economic crimes。

9.Complete other temporary tasks assigned by company leaders。

(4) Professional conditions and job requirements

1.Education: College degree or above, major in marketing;

2.Age: 25 to 45 years old;

3.In good health, no history of infectious disease or infection, veterans are preferred;

4.Strong marketing planning ability and information analysis ability, familiar with brand positioning, planning and publicity process;

5.Have a thorough understanding of product operation, sales channels, public relations and promotion;

6.Have good professional ethics and market development ability, with a strong sense of responsibility and good professional spirit;

7.Strong sensitivity to industry news, familiar with corporate requirements and market dynamics, and familiar with the operation mode of enterprises;

8.With excellent communication and coordination skills and business negotiation skills, with innovation ability, able to withstand certain marketing pressure and challenges。

9.Work place: 1 person in Enshi, 1 person in Wuhan。

(5) No one shall be employed under any of the following circumstances

1.Being investigated for criminal responsibility according to law;

2.Be affected by the use of reminders, organizational treatment, or party discipline and administrative sanctions, etc., before or after the expiration of the influence period;

3.Having been dismissed by the unit (rescinding the labor contract) due to serious violation of rules and regulations;

4.The labor relationship established with other employing units has not been terminated;

5.Diseases with occupational contraindications;

6.Any other behavior affecting employment。

Fourth, recruitment information release channels

Through the official website of Hubei Tourism Group ( Posting recruitment information。

5. Recruitment procedures

(1) Posting information and registration

1.Registration time

From the date of the recruitment announcement10月19日12:00。

2.Way of registration

Please download the application form from the official website of Hubei Hubei Tourism Investment Tourism Development Co., LTD. (Attached)2),And a copy of my ID card (front and back);Academic degree certificate (certificate of learning network inspection,Those who have obtained an overseas academic degree,The certificate of academic qualification recognized by the Service Center for Overseas Study of the Ministry of Education shall be provided);Obtained professional (executive) qualification certificates, professional and technical qualification certificates, important honors or awards and other supporting materials;CV, main work achievements (achievements) and relevant supporting materials related to the position to be applied should be packaged and sent (the information should be named after your name + position) to。

(二)Qualification examination

Resume screening according to the qualifications of the recruitment position, and notify the applicant by phone or SMS。Failure to pass the qualification examination, without further notice。


Take a written test+ Interview or interview and other forms, mainly to understand the match between the candidate and the position。


According to the candidates' test results from high score to low score, the investigation objects are determined by the number of recruitment posts。If the investigation results are not suitable for applying for the position or give up the investigation, etc., the ranking will be made up in turn according to the test results。

(五)Research decision

According to the test and inspection, research and decide on the personnel to be hired。


The proposed employee shall be publicized, and the publicity period shall not be less than5 working days。


After the expiration of the publicity period, if no problems affecting the employment are found, the employment procedures shall be handled in accordance with the procedures。

6. Management of employment forms and benefits

Sign formal labor contracts and conduct probation management。Enjoy the salary in accordance with the management methods of the Marketing Department and performance commission。Pay five insurance and one fund according to regulations, and enjoy health examination, holiday condolences, labor protection and other welfare guarantees。

7. Instructions for Applicants

1.The qualification examination runs through the entire recruitment process, and the applicant shall be responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the information and information provided by the applicant. Those who do not meet the conditions and practice fraud will be disqualified once verified。The personal data of the applicant shall only be used for this recruitment and shall not be disclosed or returned。

2.Candidates must keep their mobile phones open during the recruitment period。Failure to respond to the notice within the prescribed time shall be deemed to have been given up automatically。Eolu (Enshi) Tea Co., Ltd. shall not be liable for the consequences caused by the obstructed communication of the applicant。

3.This recruitment process is subject to the supervision of discipline inspection department of Hubei Hubei Tourism Investment Tourism Development Co., LTD。

4.The unexplained matters of this recruitment shall be explained by Etourist (Enshi) Tea Co., LTD。

5.This recruitment does not charge any fees, does not authorize any organization to conduct training, please be vigilant, beware of fraud。

6.Recruitment contact and contact number: Xiang Shuyun 13377962521

        7.Address: Shop N8, 1st floor (Food Street/Specialty City), Linaoshan, Enshi Automobile Passenger Transport Center Station, No. 1, Jingui Avenue, Jinziba Sub-district Office, Enshi City, Hubei Province


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